Blogging software

I went looking around for blogging software written in a .NET language and saw DasBlog 1.0.  It’s available in a GDN workspace.  Pretty cool.  Written in C#.  Just saw that they’ve posted a 1.1 release.  I’ll have to take a look.  (I had made of list of changes I would have to make to 1.0 before I used it for my upcoming separate web site.  Perhaps 1.1 has already fixed some of these.)

Another blog application that’s just been released is .Text, available from a GDN workspace.  Also written in C#.  It’s the engine that drives, and I’m familiar with the UI and many of the features.  I downloaded both the binary and source distributions.  (It only took a couple of minutes to get the binary installation up and running on my laptop.  Very nice!!!)

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